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We are witnessing a transformation in the creation of knowledge, fueled by the impact of technology in the teaching and learning process.

NEW TECHNOLOGIES including laptops, tablets, Chromebooks and smartphones connect students and teachers.

NEW RESOURCES infuse the classroom with rich, dynamic, interactive digital content.

NEW EDUCATIONAL EXPERIENCES including flipped and blended learning that develop learner autonomy and independence.

NEW BOUNDARIES made possible by technologies that allow learning to take place anytime, anywhere.

These elements of the modern classroom instill 21st century skills, inspire lifelong learning and prepare every child to be ready for careers, college and the real world. They also present a teaching and learning experience that is more:

  • Captivating
  • Motivating
  • Collaborative
  • Informed
  • Personalized
  • Dynamic
  • Memorable
  • Engaging

We believe in these types of learning experiences. At Promethean, we design education technology solutions for the modern classroom that improve the impact of instruction and learning. Our technology solutions increase student engagement and teacher effectiveness, both inside the classroom and beyond.